Schnucks Adds Rewards To Online Shopping

Dive Brief:
Schnucks has outstretched its rewards program to count together online grocery purchases, according to a company press freedom. Now shoppers who order groceries for delivery or pickup can earn Schnucks Rewards points the same habit they would if they bought in-amassed.
The grocer has plus announced the involve ahead of Schnucks Delivers curbside pickup to 30 stores in Missouri and Indiana. Curbside pickup launched last year in four stores.
Customers who are members of Schnucks Delivers Express will not have to pay any fees for curbside pickup orders, and nonmembers will pay a press upfront of $1.99 per order. Schnucks relatives bearing in mind Instacart for pickup and delivery.
Dive Insight:
With digital coupons and rewards becoming more popular and omnichannel shopping becoming the norm, in-accretion single-handedly accord programs are no longer going to satisfy most customers. While many large supermarkets taking into account than rewards program have integrated them into e-commerce by now, some smaller grocery chains, with than Schnucks, are yet in the process of developing their e-commerce capabilities or their rewards programs.

Among large retailers that meet the expense of shopper rewards and obedience programs, Albertsons and its banners along subsequent to H-E-B, Stop & Shop and Kroger own going on customers to earn rewards through online purchases.  

Regional grocer Lucky Supermarkets in the San Francisco Bay Area recently launched online ordering gone Instacart, and shoppers will be adept to earn points upon their online orders just as they can in one of the banners 21 stores. Another regional chain, New Seasons Market, just introduced its first ever rewards program, but as of now customers cannot earn or redeem rewards for online grocery purchases.

Schnucks is laser-focused upon its rewards program right now. In the last few months, the grocer has added auxiliary features to its mobile rewards app and expanded Schnucks Rewards to encompass the entire 117 of its stores. Simultaneously the company is paying unventilated attention to its delivery and pickup involve. In May, Schnucks added a Deli Order Ahead feature to the Schnucks Rewards app, and earlier this year it different alcohol delivery.

While the concept of offering rewards through e-commerce isnt auxiliary, Schnucks recent improvements to its online grocery serve and rewards program should make a more seamless shopping experience, making it easier for customers to focus on Schnucks Delivers and benefit from Schnucks Rewards.