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How long does the rest for Thanksgiving day.

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Thanksgiving Turkey with a side (image: bhofack2, bhofack2).

Question: how to make a good long thanks for.

Answer: 3-4 day, according to the USDA

Source: USDA nutrition and diabetes and patient's Medical Center before.

Process: thank God that is over but that will not stop us from our face. With the rest of the day packing. We answer the question of cooking Turkey day on Facebook last week, but now the question is the idea.

Related: experts urge to remember chef food safety on Thanksgiving day.

A lot of people have voiced the "you," and "my life as a long time googling the latest use of leftovers."

USDA says that unless you want to all of you. You need to get the rest in the refrigerator within 2 hours of the moment dinner.

And when you sign up for Turkey – 165 degrees Fahrenheit to go to safety.

But how long should you keep everything for delicious food.

A master's degree in nutrition, and a spokesman for. The factory, Libby told WUSA9:

"To keep in the fridge for three days and three months in the freezer and if you have left on the stove may still piping hot. You want to create an ice bath. In a clean sink, add ice cubes and then dip the Pan directly into the ice and quickly as possible, the food is cold. "

The first patients fair Committee Minh Tran speak if you don't follow those guidelines and store food properly in airtight containers. Contamination can occur and lead to the symptoms of the disease caused by food with nausea, vomiting and pain.

You can find more information about the food safety tips from the Institute of human nutrition and dietetics. By clicking here.

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